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Alexander Gamerdinger


My research is focused on how the use of artificial intelligence and algorithms affect professional work, expertise, and the transnational governance of the insurance sector. Besides, I have a passion for happiness research and like to write and teach on issues related to subjective wellbeing, wellbeing governance and Wellbeing Economy.

My analytical approach is mostly quantitative, drawing on established methods found in Relational Sociology and International Political Economy including social network analysis, multiple correspondence analysis, and career sequence analysis. I am also interested in text mining, web scraping and data visualization.


  • Gamerdinger A., Lantz, M. V., & Just S. N. (2022). Evaluering af Sundhedsstyrelsens borgerrettede coronakommunikation: Tre analytiske nedslag i pandemiens første 100 uger. Copenhagen: Roskilde University, pp 1-54. Link
  • Birkjær, M., Gamerdinger, A., & El-Abd, S. (2021). Towards a Nordic Wellbeing Economy. Copenhagen: Nordisk Ministerråd, pp. 1-61. Link
  • Gamerdinger, A., Rubio, A., & Kaats, M. (2020) Wellbeing in the age of COVID-19. Copenhagen: Happiness Research Institute, pp. 1-35. Link

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