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My research is focused on the sociotechnical dyanmics of digital technologies on the European insurance sector. More specifically, I am interested in how big data analytics and algorithms affect 1) the professional landscape, 2) the organizational structure, and 3) the governance of insurance in Europe.

As a part of the Algorithms,Data & Democracy consortium, my empirical setting is mostly Denmark.

I employ mixed-method research methods to answer my research questions. While I have a background in quantitative methods including multivariate statistics (structural equations modelling, multiple correspondence analysis), social network analysis and text analysis, I also have a passion for ethnographic methods. I do not really have a preference of methods and adapt it to my research goals - I enjoy coding in R as well as by hand.


  • Gamerdinger, A., Just, S. N., & Lantz, P. M. V. (Forthcoming). Healthy Transparency: Dynamic Interrelations Between Credibility, Transparency, and Trust in the Context of Danish Public Authorities’ COVID-19 Communication. Preprint
  • Gamerdinger A., Lantz, M. V., & Just S. N. (2022). Evaluering af Sundhedsstyrelsens borgerrettede coronakommunikation: Tre analytiske nedslag i pandemiens første 100 uger. Copenhagen: Roskilde University, pp 1-54. Link
  • Birkjær, M., Gamerdinger, A., & El-Abd, S. (2021). Towards a Nordic Wellbeing Economy. Copenhagen: Nordisk Ministerråd, pp. 1-61. Link
  • Gamerdinger, A., Rubio, A., & Kaats, M. (2020) Wellbeing in the age of COVID-19. Copenhagen: Happiness Research Institute, pp. 1-35. Link

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