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Corporate strategy in a network perspective

The course is an obligatory course for 3rd year bachelor students at Copenhagen Business School. You can read more about the course here.

Contact and office hours #

You are welcome to contact me via e-mail or to book a 20 min slot during my office hours. Please just select the day and time in the widget below.

  • Name: Alexander Gamerdinger

  • E-mail:

  • Office: KL 3.43 (3rd floor at Kilen)

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Sessions #

Sessions will be uploaded continuously…

Session 3 - Collecting network data

In this session, You will learn how to subset the data set den17 by tags, and how to collect network data from Orbis. Last, we cover how to visualize a two-mode network and to add network attributes

Session 5 - Brokerage and assortativity

This session will focus on two topics. First, we will look at Burts constraint as a measure for brokerage. Second, we will cover assortativity as a measure of homophily in a network.

Session 6 - Communities and cliques

This session will focus on the Louvain community detection algorithm and the visualization of communities in a network. We will also discover what cliques are, and how they differ from communities.

Session 7 - Visualization

This session will focus advanced network visualizations with the ggraph() package. This will be the last session of this course.